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Analyzing The 2019 Crypto Tax Guidelines

Series: Cryptocurrency Taxation

Guest: Tyson Cross

The IRS has recently released new tax guidance for cryptocurrency trading – the first official guidance released in over 5 years, since March 2014.

Tyson Cross, a tax attorney who specializes in cryptocurrency taxation, joins the show to analyze this new guidance. Tyson’s expertise provides clarity to some of the ambiguous components of the new guidance. The guidance provides new information about forks, airdrops, calculation methods, and establishing a coin’s fair market value – Tyson provides his expert analysis, as well as his opinion, on each of these topics.

IRS Educational Letters 6173, 6174, 6174-A

Series: Cryptocurrency Taxation

Guest: Alex Kugelman

The IRS has begun sending out educational letters to more than 10,000 cryptocurrency users reminding them that they need to be including their crypto capital gains and losses on their tax forms.

The IRS letters will be referenced as 6173, 6174 or 6174-A, and strive to help taxpayers understand their tax and filing obligations and how to correct past errors.

Alex Kugelman, a tax controversy lawyer with expertise in cryptocurrency and IRS audits, joins us to talk about what this means for crypto users and traders.

Cryptocurrency Taxation Law

Series: Cryptocurrency Taxation

Guest: Drew Hinkes

Drew Hinkes has an expansive background in the crypto-space. He is an attorney with Carlton Fields, the co-founder and General Counsel of Athena Blockchain, and Adjunct Professor at the NYU Stern Business School and the NYU School of Law. Drew joins the show to discuss gaps in the current crypto tax guidance, how individual states handle cryptocurrency trading, the flawed concept of “valuation”, and what it’s like to teach a college course on cryptocurrency.

Tax Reduction Strategies During A Crypto Bull Run

Series: Cryptocurrency Taxation

Guest: Tyson Cross

Some analysts predict that Bitcoin will increase in value significantly. That prediction could become a reality. Most crypto investors certainly hope so – but large capital gains will inevitably follow a bull market. Becoming crypto-rich has some serious tax implications that every investor needs to be aware of.

Tyson Cross joins the show to discuss these implications and shares powerful tax reduction strategies that investors can utilize during the next big crypto bull run.

New Zealand Cryptocurrency Taxation

Series: Global Cryptocurrency Taxation

Guest: Tim Doyle

Tim Doyle, a Chartered Accountant, joins us to discuss how cryptocurrency taxation is handled in New Zealand. Tim’s been an accountant for over 10 years, and has honed his focus to cryptocurrency taxation for the past couple years. Tim shares some excellent information that will be useful to any New Zealand crypto enthusiast, and sheds some light on the global differences of crypto taxation.

Crypto Taxation with Laura Walter AKA Crypto Tax Girl

Series: Cryptocurrency Taxation

Guest: Laura Walter (Crypto Tax Girl)

Laura Walter, aka The Crypto Tax Girl, joins us to talk about her experience in the crypto taxation space. Laura has a rapidly growing following that she shares useful taxation information with via Twitter, YouTube, and through her courses. Laura talks about the benefits of having a knowledgeable CPA in conjunction with utilizing a crypto tax calculation service, like Bitcoin.Tax.

Bitcoin.Tax Q+A

Series: Cryptocurrency Taxation

Guest: Colin Mackie

The end of the tax season is quickly approaching, and this last episode in our current podcast series answers and explores some of the common questions with using Bitcoin.Tax for crypto taxation. Join us with Colin Mackie, CEO and Founder of Bitcoin.Tax, where we answer these questions and talk about some upcoming features of our software.

Crypto Tax Reduction Strategies

Series: Cryptocurrency Taxation

Guest: Drew Kernosky

Cryptocurrency capital gains can be an extra source of income, however, these gains are taxed and those taxes can become costly for many crypto traders. In this episode, we speak with Drew Kernosky of Archer Tax Group, to discuss ways to mitigate these tax burdens including crypto-backed loans and qualified opportunity zones, which can defer gains until 2026.

FBAR and FATCA Filing for Crypto Traders

Series: Cryptocurrency Taxation

Guest: Andrew Gordon

A lack of guidance has left crypto traders unsure of their reporting obligations for foreign accounts. We are joined with Andrew Gordon, a tax attorney, who understands the ins and outs of foreign account reporting in relation to cryptocurrency trading. Andrew discusses FBAR, FATCA, penalties associated with not reporting, and to answer the question – do cryptocurrencies have to be included in these reports?

What Crypto Investors need to know about ICOs and STOs

Series: Cryptocurrency Taxation

Guest: Marc Boiron

Most cryptocurrency investors have some experience with ICOs. Even still, there are a lot of complexities involved in investing in and trading with ICOs. Marc Boiron has a vast amount of experience with ICOs, from both the investor and issuer point of view and joins us today to share his unique perspective on ICOs, STOs, and where he sees the future of both going.

Crypto Margin Trading, Strategies and Taxation

Series: Cryptocurrency Taxation

Guest: Jon Stead

Margin trading with cryptocurrencies is common practice for many in the world of crypto. Jon Stead, a cryptocurrency CPA who specializes in margin trading accounting, joins us to give an in-depth overview of margin trading, the tax implications, and strategies for being a successful margin trader.

IRS Audits on your Cryptocurrency Taxes

Series: Cryptocurrency Taxation

Guest: Alex Kugelman

IRS audits are a real possibility for anyone who has traded cryptocurrencies. Alex Kugelman, a tax controversy lawyer with an abundance of knowledge concerning cryptocurrency audits, shares his expertise on IRS cryptocurrency audits, including risk reduction strategies as well as enforcement predictions and misconceptions.

R&D Tax Credits for Blockchain and Crypto Businesses

Series: Cryptocurrency Taxation

Guest: Tyler Kem

Tyler Kem, CEO of Visionary Tax, joins us to discuss an invaluable tax credit that businesses in the blockchain and crypto space should be looking into – the R&D Tax Credit. Tyler discusses how your company can qualify for this credit, when to take the credit, and how his services can assist any business interested in learning more about it.

Cryptocurrency Taxation Information and Filing with Visor

Series: Cryptocurrency Taxation

Guest: Jacqueline Mitchell (Visor)

Visor is an online professional tax service specializing in helping young professionals get their taxes done, and are especially knowledgeable in the field of cryptocurrency taxation. Jacqueline shares some of this valuable knowledge with us, from how to treat a crypto donation, to what to do if you receive a 1099-K from an exchange.

Crypto Taxation with Tax Attorney Tyson Cross

Series: Cryptocurrency Taxation

Guest: Tyson Cross

Tyson Cross, a tax attorney from Cross Law and BitcoinTaxSolutions, discusses some of the more complex issues in cryptocurrency taxation, as well as the effects that the 2018 tax law changes have had on crypto taxes.

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