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Crypto Tax IRS Guidance

Guest: Matt Metras, EA at MDM Financial Services

The BitcoinTaxes Podcast

Matt Metras, an Enrolled Agent at MDM Financial Services and overall crypto tax expert, joins the show to share his perspective on the IRS Rev. Rul. 2019-24 and updated FAQ that were released in October 2019. Matt tells us what he learned from speaking with the author of this guidance, and what all of it means for crypto traders and enthusiasts.


Salvatore Vescio


Matt Metras

Guest Contact Information


Twitter: @EmDeeEm

Facebook: @BitcoinTaxesMe

Reddit: BitcoinTaxesMe


Episode Highlights & Discussion

New Guidance – @02:52

Questions Created – @05:30

Taxpayer Bill of Rights – @07:30

House Bill 5635 (de minimis) – @05:30

Speaking to the Author – @16:00

Exchanges Sharing Info – @24:25

Is Crypto Taxation Bipartisan – @30:30

Holding Periods and Forked Income- @34:25

Quick Summary – @57:11


Important Links:


Rev. Rul. 2019-24 (PDF)

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