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Is Staking Still Taxed? How Do I Handle My 1099? Answering Crypto Questions

Guest: Matt Metras, EA at MDM Financial Services

The BitcoinTaxes Podcast

Matt Metras, an Enrolled Agent at MDM Financial Services and overall crypto tax expert, joins the show to discuss and demystify the popular question: is crypto staking taxed? Matt outlines the recent Jarrett case that had plenty of crypto enthusiasts asking the question! Plus, Matt answers crypto tax questions from Reddit users: casualty losses, FBAR and FATCA, Roth IRAs, the Economic Substance Doctrine, how to handle 1099s, a potential (but unlikely) De Minimis, wash sales, fair market value versus zero cost basis for airdrops and NFTs, and more!


Salvatore Vescio


Matt Metras

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Twitter: @EmDeeEm

Facebook: @BitcoinTaxesMe

Reddit: BitcoinTaxesMe


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(01:55): The Jarrett Case’s Effect on Staking Taxes

(07:30): A New De Minimis Bill?

(10:05): The Current Status of Crypto Wash Sales

(14:53): Constructive Receipt – When Do You Own Airdrops?

(22:32): Are NFT Airdrops Reportable Income?

(24:42): Crypto Casualty Losses – Lost, Stolen, Hacked Crypto

(29:24): Dealing With 1099s From Crypto Exchanges

(38:05): FBAR and FATCA – How To Report

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