The BitcoinTaxes Podcast

High Risk Banking Industries and Cryptocurrency

Guest: Matt Aaron, Co-Founder of Crazy Calm CBD Coffee

The BitcoinTaxes Podcast

Matt Aaron is the co-founder of Crazy Calm CBD Coffee – an industry that he says suffers from “high-risk banking”. When a business is considered “high-risk”, it means that they will have a difficult time utilizing traditional fiat banks.

Matt joins the podcast to discuss the benefits of accepting cryptocurrency payments with a business that is considered high-risk. Matt, no stranger to podcasts himself (as the previous host of the Podcast), succinctly describes the advantages of accepting crypto payments, as well as the hurdles that new business owners may need to overcome.

You can use code BITCOINSAL to get 10% off of your order @ CrazyCalm.Co (that’s on top of the 10% off you’ll receive when you pay with crypto!)

Valid until February 14th, 2020.


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Matt Aaron

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