Welcome to the second of our multi-part series on crypto taxation.
If you missed, or haven’t yet listened to, our first episode, we covered the basics of crypto taxation, what is, and what isn’t taxable
In this next episode, we will be exploring more advanced aspects of cryptocurrency taxes, including:
  • Review of basic crypto taxation and exactly where they are reported on tax forms (01:36)
  • If you can you use a 1031 like-kind exchange (10:20)
  • Receiving a 1099 from an exchange and what you should do (15:10)
  • How you should report margin trading, staking and loans (23:30)
  • What you should be aware with NFTs and minting (29:40)

Episode Link: https://talk.bitcoin.tax/taxes-on-crypto-for-gains-income-margin-and-nfts/