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What are crypto taxes and when are they taxed?

Guest: Matt Metras, EA at MDM Financial Services

by BitcoinTaxes | Taxes on Crypto Series

Welcome to our new multi-part series on crypto taxation! Every week we’ll be exploring a different facet of cryptocurrency taxation. In the first part of this series, we are diving into the very basics of cryptocurrency taxation. We’ll be discussing what’s taxable, what’s not taxable, and where exactly everything gets reported on your tax forms.

In future episodes of this series, we’ll be discussing tax implication strategies in cryptocurrency, including long and short-term gains, tax loss harvesting, how you treat margin, futures, staking, etc. – all the popular types of cryptocurrency activity. Then we’ll be moving on to cryptocurrency tax regulations, past regulations, current regulations, where the future of regulations may go, and how that affects you as a taxpayer. We’ll discuss cryptocurrency audits, which are becoming more and more frequent every tax year. And finally, we’ll be discussing real and hypothetical cryptocurrency tax situations with tax professionals who have been in this space for years. You DO NOT want to miss this series – everything you need to know about crypto taxation will be answered.


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Matt Metras

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(02:00):  Which Types of Crypto Transactions Are Taxable?
(06:56): How Do I Determine How Much To Pay On My Crypto?
(27:54): Rapid Fire Rundown: Is It Taxable?

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