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This week, we discuss the BCH and BCHSV halving events, Reddit’s potential foray into a blockchain-based ecosystem, the Forbes’ 2020 World Billionaire List, a political scandal involving the former CEO of Bakkt, and more information about the US stimulus payment.

More information on each of these topics can be found below.


Salvatore Vescio

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More Information

BCH and BCHSV Halving Events

CoinGecko: Bitcoin Cash Halving

Investopedia: What is a 51% Attack?

Potential Reddit Blockchain-Based Ecosystem

Reddit Thread & Video

The Crypto Elite on Forbes’ 2020 Billionaire List

Forbes World’s Billionaire List: The Richest in 2020

Former Bakkt CEO’s Political Scandal

Rep. Loeffler’s WSJ Article

The First Round of Stimulus Payments

Congresswoman Debbie Dingell’s Coronavirus Blog Update

Politico: Treasury Expected to Get Started on Stimulus Payments Friday

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