The end of 2021 has brought many potentially impactful changes to the world of crypto and crypto taxes. From wash sales and tax loss harvesting to blockchain swaps and donations, there are some potentially huge upheavals in the crypto tax world coming in 2022 and beyond!

Don’t be left facing the consequences of these huge changes by being uniformed. Tune in to hear one of the best crypto tax lawyers in the business, Andrew Gordon of Gordon Law Group, discuss these changes and offer his expert opinion on how to handle them moving forward. You can’t afford to miss this episode!

Episode Highlights

(00:55): The Infrastructure Bill and Build Back Better BIG Crypto Changes
(06:45): Are Wash Sales Going To Apply To Crypto Now?
(19:07): Blockchain Swaps Could Definitely Be Taxable

Episode Quote:
> On Blockchain Swaps: “I can tell you that the more conservative position is to treat it like a taxable event, like an actual conversion – a disposition of one asset and purchase of another.”

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