DeFi, or Decentralized Finance, has taken the crypto world by storm. DeFi isn’t necessarily new, but it’s popularity amongst investors has certainly skyrocketed.

Andrew Gordon, an attorney and CPA who concentrates on crypto and taxes joins the show to discuss the taxable implications of DeFi events. In this episode, we discuss how liquidity swaps, liquidity pools, crypto collateral, staking (including ETH2), and NFTs are likely viewed by the IRS and what that means for the taxes that investors could owe on these events.

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Episode Page: DeFi and Crypto Taxes: Liquidity, Staking, and NFTs

Episode Highlights
(01:45): Taxes on Liquidity Pools and Liquidity Swaps
(12:07): Taxes on Staking Crypto (ETH2)
(17:15): Crypto as Collateral – A Tax Saving Strategy?
(22:00): Taxes on NFTs

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