(Talk.Bitcoin.Tax) The IRS is enforcing the laws of cryptocurrency taxation more fervently than ever. Civil and criminal enforcement of cryptocurrency tax evasion is increasingly common due to the wide-scale participation of crypto exchanges, as well as increasingly powerful blockchain analysis tools.

Christopher Wajda, a former IRS ASAC (Assistant Special Agent in Charge) of the Criminal Investigation Division, and Alex Kugelman, a cryptocurrency tax controversy lawyer, join the show to discuss how the IRS is going about this enforcement and what can be done to avoid having a special agent show up at your door. Full episode @ https://talk.bitcoin.tax/an-irs-insiders-look-at-crypto-tax/

Episode Highlights
03:28: Complying with the June 2021 Like-Kind Memo
11:31: IRS Tactics to Enforce Compliance (Summons, Blockchain Analysis, etc.)
14:20: The Increased Ease of Tracking Crypto Transactions
17:50: IRS Enforcement of DeFi