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Interview with Edward Kelso, CEO of Coin Fugazi

Our guest today is Edward Kelso, CEO of Coing Fugazi. He has thousands of articles published through various news organizations and has been covering every facet of the cryptocurrency space for years. We discuss crypto from multiple views: political, philosophical, and journalistic. Kelso shares his perspective as an experienced crypto journalist and details his journey to inform the masses about what cryptocurrency really is.

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Reaching Wide Audiences as a Crypto Journalist (19:15)

Kelso: There’s this delicate balance between appealing to everyone, which can sometimes almost become theological and you ultimately appeal to no one, or you get too niche and you get too specific. It’s extremely hard to find that sweet spot.

The BCH Debacle (24:43)

Kelso: In the private sector, engineers don’t normally run the project. It’s the investor, right? It’s whoever brings in the capital. They say an engineer is a tool, so you rely on their expertise, but in some aspects of crypto, we flipped that. Going back to my restaurant experience… people buy into this divide between the front of the house and the back of the house where all the action happens… they go “well, this side of the house is the real heart and soul of the restaurant”. If I said that out loud, and I was standing in the middle of those two groups, each one would think I was talking about them. That’s the perfect way to look at where lots of problems in cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency Fanboys/Fangirls (32:07)

Kelso: [Crypto advocates] bring into the cryptocurrency world all the ills of the real world. None of that changes – it all gets dragged in. They get attached because of their subcommunities, subcultures. A lot of these guys are online 24 hours a day, it’s their lifestyle. It’s who they are.

The Notorious Craig Wright (35:30)

Kelso: At Coinspice, we literally refused to write about him. We wouldn’t even say “BSV”. These were huge stories. As a journalist, it killed me. He had lawsuits, all sorts of stuff. They just said, no, let’s not cover it. 

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